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Творческий вечер Эльдара Ахадова PDF  | Печать |

6.01.12 в 16.00 в Арт-галерее Романовой состоится творческий вечер краснояркого писателя Эльдара Ахадова.

Эльдар Алихасович - член Союза писателей России, победитель многочисленных литературных конкурсов и член писательских организаций.

Посетите художественный салон PDF  | Печать |

'Puma' in pleasurable Sale Offers

Some individuals, who are diehard fans of sportswear and shoes, should choose finish line as their ultimate destination as the store stocks the best variety of athletic footwear from some of the leading brands you can buy such as nike, the nike jordans, the puma company, adidas and reebok and so forth, the store not only stocks the best of footwear under one roof but also enables its users to enjoy fabulous discounts on the entire range of shoes using finish line coupons.These coupons have been made eligible at both its shops and its online portal.An additional of shopping footwear from finish line is that, these apparels are arranged in the best navigable way both at the retail stores and website so that its customers are able to locate what they desire at ease.

Finish line is a largest and leading retailer of athletic wear and features the best associated with branded footwear, apparel and accessories from the most leading brands on the planet.One best aspect of shopping through finish line could be that the store enables its customers with ample deals, discounts and promotional offers enabling them to shop with the very best of discounted rates possible.People are able to save a lot of their money, when they still shop their best brands, to depict their style and match their outfits at all occasions by using finish line.

Look line, the leading retailer of the best foot wear across the globe missions to connect with fashion conscious individuals, no matter if they are young or old by the best selection of authentic footwear, sportswear and sports inspired apparel.The store defines the premium experience of wearing the best pair of footwear with the assistance of its products, presentation don't forget that its people.

If you are the diehard fan of running footwear, or sportswear such as basketball shoes, basketball shoes and athletic shoes, then finish line is ab muscles destination.The store has the best variety of athletic footwear and includes the best brands in the field such as jordan shoes, nike position, jogging sneakers, golf ball shoes etc.

When you are shopping for the right pair of shoes, it is easy to get confused since unique variations of styles and brands of running shoes to choose from.Subsequently, choosing a right pair is essential if you are serious about enhancing your speed while running on the track as well as to avoid ankle, foot or knee injury.

Perfect now, many runners end up with serious or minor injuries only because they make a wrong choice when buying a wrong pair of running shoes if they are training.Being acquainted with this, there are some tips you can keep in mind the next time to go buying nice pair of sports shoes.Truly, a right pair of running shoes will not only boost your track performance but also minimize risks of injuries.

Appropriate, as the world populace becomes unhealthy each day, staying fit and active is the brand mantra.If you too are looking at running either as cross training or exercise, it is also necessary that you wear the right gear and shoes.

In reality, when you are thinking running as your exercise option, then buying the pair you want is critical.There are lots of things to well consider before you buy a pair of running shoes.To begin with, planning that you know the correct size of your feet.If you understand how back of your hand looks like, then there is not a reason to not be aware of your feet.And this will imply knowing you have ten toes and also pair of heels.

If you are a sports freak and a great good fan of footwear, then you should know of finish line coupons.This store has a vast number of athletic footwear Ralph Lauren Outlet Italia and apparels that include some of the leading brands of the world such as nike, nike air nike test, the puma company, and reebok therefore forth.It hoards sandals for all sports event such as running, playing hockey, shoes for cross information on athletes etc, that is just about these sports store is that it sells footwear, apparels and sports items under one grand roof and also couples them with discounts and deals to get shopping easier and simple.

Finish line is one of the most sought and is a leading store that sells sports goods online and is spread across american through its retail chain of stores.The shop stock some of the hottest associated with shoes and gears sports apparel from giants in the field such as adidas, the puma company, nike in addition to, it is also pretty easy to use a promotional code or a coupon at this store to avail decent discount as high as 20% across the website at all leading brands and also use these coupons to gain free delivery deals when ordered online.

Finish line corporation is a leading retailer of athletic gear and accessories and offers the best selection of the leading brands in neuro-Scientific sports shoes, apparel and sports materials.

Finish line offers the best selection of premium sports brands at different styles and focuses to deliver only the most recent product assortment, and has learned its customer preferences better than any other store in the states.

Jordan boots were at last crafted and created in the year 1985 by a company known as nike, though it step of your life famous brand as of now, it was then comparatively a small business.Jordan shoes were an important grounds for thegrowth of the company as the sole of the shoes grew in great demand within a small time duration of its inception.There are also a number of reasons, why these jordan shoes grew with immense standing, they were really luxurious shoes and were prepared with independent suspension cushioning system and an air sole fitted with adequate zoom for breathability.Jordan shoes have been considered pioneers in making shoes of the kind and were able to adapt with topographical conditions pretty easily, balanced with its competitors.It'll be hardly any person, who will not love looking for finish line range of footwear and sports accessories.Even people who find this brand expensive can now easily shop for finish line product by using several finish line coupons and finish line coupons.Our finish line coupons provide a good method to save on the footwear and gear that are required by customers to keep them in the game.

When looking at buying soccer shoes, most young players now prefer you will discover their soccer shoes online.Sure enough, shopping online for every thing has emerged as a new craze as people are increasing becoming aware of the various benefits of shopping online.

When you peer to buy soccer shoes, you attach a lot of importance to find the precise colour that compliments your soccer cleats and it is even more cumbersome to look for an odd size pair of soccer shoes.You would probably end up looking for the right pair of shoes the entire day as you visit several local sports stores.And this does not mean that you will find the right pair that you're looking for.Regardless, the situation would be many different if you look up to some online stores.At a reputed and a trendy store like finish line, you can find an exhaustive assortment of soccer shoes.

Considering the advantage that cross training shoes are uses for a variety of purposes, it only makes sense that you buy shoes that not just provide complete comfort but provide a right fit.This is exceedingly critical.When you are confused about purchasing the right cross training shoes, searching for them on finish line, a reputed online shop that sells an exhaustive range of sports apparel, shoes and other equipment for athletes.

Nearly all have touched the benefits of couponing.Although it enables users to save big on each of their shopping, it is not always easy for their services in the intended way.Coupons from finish http://www.sisney.it/ line have emerged to save big this 2013 and these coupons are of assorted types found at different locations.The most easy and reliable information on current and working codes could be found at sunday papers and magazines that consist of coupon inserts.Flyers and magazines also hold them and there are hundredths of websites that pack users and customers with deals and coupon codes.

Выставка PDF  | Печать |
22 декабря 2010 года, в преддверии праздников, в арт-галерее Романовых открылась выставка «Новогодний этюд».Это во многом необычная выставка. Впервые в пространстве нашей галереи пересеклось столь разное искусство нескольких стран, представленное  содружеством трёх галерей Востока, Европы и России.Красноярскому зрителю предъявлены работы художников галереи «Silin» (г. Харбин, КНР),  галереи «Contrast» (г. Хорн, Северный Рейн – Вестфалия, Германия) и арт-галереи  Романовых (г. Красноярск, Россия).Сибиряки – терпеливые люди. Красноярск стал второй родиной  для  представителей разных народов и конфессий. Есть такое устойчивое выражение: «Сибирь – плавильный котёл ». Если продолжать эту аналогию, то арт-галерея Романовых стала небольшим  лабораторным тиглем,  в котором  смешались золотник сибирской живописи, толика китайской классической живописи и унция немецкого авангардного перца.Полученный сплав мы предлагаем Вашему вниманию.
Новогодний Этюд PDF  | Печать |

Выставка "Новогодний этюд"

Арт-прогулка от католического Рождества до Китайского Нового года.

Выставка продлится с 22 декабря 2010 года по 25 января 2011 года. 

Событие от Содружества галерей Китая - Германии - России.

Вы увидите лучшее из искусства Востока и Запада от Германии до Китая. Живопись России, Германии, Китая и Украины, каменная тувинская скульптура и бурятская бронза - всё это соберётся в праздничную пёструю мозаику. 

Иван Без PDF  | Печать |
14 июля - 8 августа  Иван Без  "Ёмкость никчёмных концептуальностей" графика  г. Санкт-Петербург.
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